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Pleasure - Vinyl

Pleasure Vinyl Sleeve Front Pleasure Vinyl Sleeve Back

Happy Birthday RULP1

Producer: Laurence Diana

Additional Musicians

Drums: Rod Johnson

Clarinet: Alan Wakeman

Piano/Harpsichord: Dave Fischel

Synthesisers: Thomas Dolby

Released: 07/11/1981

Track List

  1. Too Big For Your Boots
  2. I'm Beautiful Now
  3. Waterbed Babies
  4. Fun-City Teenagers
  5. £600,000
  6. Heaven
  7. China Blue
  8. Fast Boyfriends
  9. She Flipped
  10. Goodbye To That Jazz
  • Trivia: Pleasure went blistering into the album chart at number 60.
  • Trivia: £600,000 on the original vinyl album never finished. The lead out was cut with the drum track and would repeat ad infinitum, or until the 10p ran out in the electricity meter.
  • Trivia: The album came with a free "Pleasure" bag. You can see the contents in the Pleasure Bag gallery.
  • Trivia: It was re-released on CD in 1994 by Vinyl Japan
  • Trivia: Pleasure Pleasure was covered by Salon Music on the album Girls At Our Tratt's Best! (Polystar)