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Go For Gold Review



Girls At Our Best!: Go For Gold (Happy Birthday).

Happy Birthday! But don't stop the party just yet. there's so much happening. With two of last year's better independent singles - 'Warm girls' and 'Politics!' behind them, Girls At our Best! are looking ripe for a perfectly timed stab at the big time.

Since they crept away from the wing of Rough Trade a few months ago, the Leeds group have acquired themselves a smart deal with the newly-launched Happy Birthday label, played their first live date and now return on record with a crisp new sound.

'Go For Gold' could be a film sound track. A bit like 'Lori and the Chameleons' 'The Lonely Spy' The Lonley Spyin terms of mood. But whereas 'Spy' is an obvious espionage thriller, 'Go For Gold' would be more of a spaghetti western, all cowboys, smiling senoritas and desert romance. A wall of jangling guitars and tumbling drums lead into an Olympian backing vocal chorus although the real action and appeal lies in Judy Evans' brilliantly bittersweet voice.

A hit please!

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