Fast Girlfriends

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There are 51 Fast Girlfriends

  1. I’m playing my original GAOB album while writing – still fresh from the 80s! The first track jumps at the start, but the rest still sounds amazing. Thank you for creating this site. None of my friends know of this band so I was so happy to find this.

  2. It was thanks to Spotify randomly throwing a song of theirs (want to say it was probably Politics) into the weekly recommendation playlist that I got into the band, and on my first listen I was hooked! Bubblegum pop, genuine enthusiasm, and jangly guitars: what more could you want?

    Heck, I might only be eighteen, but I’ve spent a frankly unhealthy amount of time recommending the band to everyone I know!

  3. Drove up from Southampton to see the band play at The African Centre, London. Amazing gig! I remember meeting the band afterwards.
    Could ‘Fast Boyfriends’ be the most perfect 3-minute pop song ever??

  4. Got the LP in the 80s for a dollar and got obsessed with China Blue. For 40 years I searched for it, only remembering the line (and harmonies on) “oh why am I so beautiful?” Finally found it today and am playing the whole LP nonstop as my five year old sings along…

  5. Top Band !!
    I’m really glad to read something about this band, I’m from Brazil and they are practically unknown here …


  6. I loved GAOB back in the day. Just stumbled upon this site. Well done and keep it going, more people should here this great music.

  7. I’ve been an music obsessive and when I heard Fast Boyfriends on Peel, I had to track down their singles. I managed to get and lose my Pleasure LP (with bag!) so I’m very pleased to see a brilliant re issue by Optic Nerve.

    Ps, love this site. I didn’t know anyone else who had ever heard of GAOB!


  8. I was into this band back in 1980-81, from far away Australia. I bought a couple of their singles but never got the Pleasure album. About 10 years ago, I got hold of the remastered CD on ebay, so glad I did. Pleasure is one of the truly great albums of that time. Sad in a way that they never achieved mass market success, they sure deserved it, but in a way the fact that they did not just adds to their mystique and makes this album even more important.

  9. I had long forgotten about this band. I first heard them on John Peel’s show and loved the sound. I somehow got hold of a taped copy of the Pleasure album (now long gone) and loved every track. Coming from Leeds myself it was nice to discover that they were a local band. I’ve just rediscovered them via Spotify and they still sound as fresh today as they did back then. Almost unbelievably to me, I didn’t know until today that some members of the band were Jacob Kramer College of Art students. I was a student there myself between 1975 and 1978 so would have been there at the same time. I have studied the photographs on the site, but I can’t say I recognise any of them from my time there. Great site, thanks.

  10. Saw GAOB twice live,I thought one of the gigs was at The ICA but looking at your gig list it might have been The LSE. They were excellent though! Thanks for this web-site

    Editor: It was the ICA. Tracked it down in a gig listing in Smash Hits!

  11. I know someone who made a copy of their album for me on a cd-r when I was a teenager. I lost it and now (thank you digital age/Spotify) I am listening to them again. Inspiring and a great album for creative visualization.

  12. hi im amanda and im 16 years old and discovered your band recently and really fell in love. every single song on pleasure is so perfect. i can only hope ill make music as great one day. you have really inspired me in so many ways. thank u xxxx

  13. Ive never heard this lot in my puff until tonight. I heard them on a Spotify playlist, interestingly titled John Peels Shed. Rather good. The band that is. The playlist isnt half bad too.

  14. Stumbled across this site – good to hear those consistently high quality singles again. Probably also time to apologise that the GAOB interview I did with them never got published in Panache fanzine and is now lost somewhere. Er, sorry.

  15. I have everything on vinyl me & partner Linda dj under the name Cherry Coloured Pop & still play GAOB in our sets infact Getting nowhere fast was the first record we played djing. Never got to see them live unfortunately just wish i could find out what Judy is up to now .

  16. still got pleasure and all the singles,most under rated band ever,politics and this train,pure class.

  17. They are so great! I stumpled up many years ago and am still impressed by the sound, speccially the vocal lines!

  18. I loved the band, the album, crush on the singer, the whole nine yards. Saw them 4 or 5 times in one week in London back in 81 and got set lists as I could never tell the titles of the songs. Thought they were really different and great and still do, taped the sessions off John Peel including the medley of as he called it “their hit” Great music stands the test of time and they still sound brilliant.

  19. On my visit in London Record Stores. What a suprise! Great to hear this beautiful Album again!

  20. Returning to the UK soon and the first CD I will be buying will be this one although my vinyl version (bought second hand in Lewisham I think) is still going strong. Heaven is one of my all time favourites but there is a lot of good material here – has it had any UK air play on radio 6 or has that jsut descended into the innane chatterfest it was heading towards last June. Never saw them live but would love to…..

  21. I saw them at London School of Economics. My mates and I were mad for them! To the extent that we went back stage to see them and pursuade them to to play at Queen Mary College where I was on the social committee. They seemed a bit strained and we found out why because they split days later before making it to play at QMC!! Still great gig at LSE the stage literally moved!!! Great days 🙂

  22. Hi fellow GAOB fans, I bought this (see link) while on holiday in Tokyo in March last year. I was rather surprised that the second reissue (released late 2007) was again put out by Vinyl Japan as I was under the impression that the label has folded up. Nonetheless, a nice back-up to the first reissue of the 90s that I have, which had been deleted for a long time as you know. The 2nd reissue is pressed in small numbers as with many VJ releases. Nice vinyl-LP style packaging but no inner sleeve notes. For those who don’t have a copy, hurry and order from HMV Japan as you should know that Japan-edition stuff are hard to come by and who knows if there’ll ever a 3rd reissue!


  24. Please let me know if Pleasure is ever available on CD or when Cherry Red releases anything.

  25. I love this band, they sound as good now as they did back in the day

  26. Use to love listening to GAOB on Peely , had Warm Girls on 7″ but not sure where it is now. Is it out on CD , not paying £285 as per 1 on Amazon website!

  27. Last night I just picked up “Pleasure” on LP. An original pressing with lyric sheet. It was a steel at $15!!! no pleasure bag though:( I have been looking for this record forever. Great band and great website. Thanks for the website GAB RULE!

  28. please someone help me i cant find this album anywhere and not just on cd mp3 also this and pop groups “how long do we tolarate mass murder” i need this to complete my postpunk collection and u know the bad thing is as knowlagable as iam about these obscure bands i dont know what girls at our best sound like only read about them

  29. never saw them live but have all 3 RT singles and an A1 condition copy of Pleasure with a totally intact pristine Pleasure bag. The quality still shines through as they still sound very NOW,now

  30. funky cowboys take a gamble go for gold! one of the best bands of the early eighties. what a pity they are hardly remembered nowadays …

  31. Brilliant night in Amsterdam at the Melkweg in 1981. Top band, still regular appearances on ipod.

  32. Go for Gold is still one of my all time favorite songs. What happend to the promised re-release?

  33. I remember Jez and Judy duing a pistols cover while the guitar was getting a new string fitted .They were fun freindly and beautiful as the butterflies

  34. Ive been playing my Vinyl Japan CD for a few years now thinking i was one of a select bunch! Quite sad its being re-released…but if it draws Judy out of the shadows…well!

  35. hi, just a trip down memory lane for me…. years ago heard the music on John Peel while he was doing a show for the forces overseas (BFPO)(as far as i remember) anyway, went out and bought the album, enjoyed it loads, thanks.