Intensive Care #2 Interview

Intensive Care Issue #2


IC:when did you start -?
JEZ: As this band about christmas (79)
IC: Was there any influences for you to form
JEZ: yeah the group we were in before.that was an influence cos we decided we didnt want to be like that
IC: What group was that.
JEZ: That was the butterflies
IC: Is the line up settled now
JEZ: Yeah
IC: Is there a theme which runs through the songs
JUDY: No not really
JEZ: there is a type of one
IC: How did the name come about
JEZ: It was the name of a song.the warm girls song used to be called girls at our best.
IC: have you played any gigs
JEZ: No none not as we are now anyway
IC: Do you think gigs will be hard to get
JEZ: No. We’re not going to do them for a bit anyway. so by the time we do them we ill have 3 or so singles so it shouldnt be that hard to get them
IC: How many has the 1st single sold
JEZ: About 5000
lC: So youve got a reasonable fo1lowing
JEZ: Yeah except we dont know how they are
IC: what are the plans for the next single
JEZ: Well it comes out soon its called politics/its fashion
politics is about american politicians & its fashion is about people who think theyre fashionable.
IC: Is that on record records.
JEZ: Yeah
IC: Is that your own label
JEZ: Yeah licenced through rough trade. Itsgoing to be their first proper american release
IC: What are the general plans for the future
JEZ: We havent really got any weve got like we’re working on the third single now & it might be either a single or a 12″ & thats like all the plans weve got really
IC:Have you got any plans for an lp
JEZ: No noy at the moment we havent got any songs
IC: Have you got any political aims
IC: Have you got any aims at all
JEZ: our aim is to write another song
IC: Who writes the words
JEZ”: Judy writes the words
IC: How well known wouud you like to becone
JEZ: Differcult question ask us another one
IC: On the single what was the cover
JEZ: That was for getting nowhere fast
JUDY: Its from a painting
JEZ: there was another reason for it at the tine but I’ve forgotten it
IC: Are you only going to release your records on the label
JEZ: At the minute yeah,there aint anyone else who we can think we would want on it

IC: Are there any plans to do a peel session.
JEZ: yeah they asked us to do one but at the time we didn’t have a drummer & we didnt have any songs
IC: So is there plans for one in the future
CARL: I’D like to do one
JEZ: Depends if we got enough songs we’ll do one
DO you find it hard writing songs then
JEZ: yeah it takes hours & weeks