Record Mirror May, 1981

Moonlight, West Hampstead

By Sunie

THEY play short. tuneful songs with thumping bass. wiry guitar. brisk drumming and off-key vocals. They play fast. With Wit and humour and more enthusiasm than polish. and…

Good grief, this is Punk Rock!

But singer Judy has the looks to knock Siouxsie, Pauline et al into a cocked hat. She s fresh. pretty and (quote) ‘A Little Bit Mad’, as is more than evident when she delivers a song, title unannounced, about such aqueous delights as water babies, water melons for tea and so on, then follows it with a zany, punked up “This Train is Bound For Glory” – a Sunday school tune, for heaven’s sake.

Other highspots included ‘It’s Fashion’, with its pointed poke at the image-obsessed: ‘ ‘We don’t ever took the same/Got to keep on playing games/ It’s the only way we’re gonna make our names… and the sight of a spontaneous break-out of pogoing in the front rows. Honest!

I forgot the ill humour induced earlier by the DJs relentless stream of dull, droning indie records and succumbed willingly to GAOB’s nutty charm. Neat neat neat, Girls: see you at the ICA.